Friday, November 9, 2012

Action Series

S823-  This just in... It's your Birthday!

S825-  Happy Birthday to my favorite Sidekick!

S824-  Spy Cat knows it's your Birthday.

S822-  No shit, Sherlock. It's your Birthday!

S821-  I predict you're going to have a very Happy Birthday!

S820-  Hope your Birthday is outta this world!

S817-  You're my port in a storm.

S818-  Happy Birthday to a true Original!

S819-  We make beautiful mew-sic together.

S815-  Hope you're flying high on your Birthday!

S811-  Dive in and have a Happy Birthday!

S810-  Catabunga, dude. Have a totally awesome Birthday!

S809-  Aye, matey. yer Birthday it be!

S808-  Even after all these years, your maracas still look great!

S807-  Get out and have fun on your Birthday!

S805-  Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

S804-  Have a super Birthday!

                                              S803-  Holy hairballs, Catman! Another Birthday?

S802-  Hope you have a huge Birthday!

Vintage Series

V160-  Happy Birthday!

V163-  Happy Birthday, my Deer!
V162-  Holy Cow! I forgot your Birthday!

V162- Strike up the Band!

V159-  Have a whopper of a Birthday!

V158-  You look meowr-velous. Happy Birthday!

V157- Oh, the humanity! Another birthday!

V155- Oui, Oui, ma cherie. Joyeuz Anniversaire!

V154-  Thanks for being there for me.

V153-  Happy Birthday!

V152-  It's cold here without You.

V151-  Oh my stars! It's your Birthday!

V149-  Relax and enjoy the day. Happy Birthday!

V148-  Happy Birthday!

V147-  Splurge! It's your Bithday!

V145-  The hell with email. I'm sending you a card! 
V144-  You're the Best!

V143-  It's always fun when The Gang gets together.

V142-  I love hanging around with You.

V141-  Happy Birthday, Pardner!

V138-  Happy Birthday to a wild and crazy guy!

V137-  Happy Birthday to You!

V136-  Life with You has been a trip!

V135-  Those were the days!

V134-  Old friends make the Best Friends!

V131-  Congratulations!

V127-  We're the Cat's Meow!

V126-  It was love at first sight and I still love you a bunch!

V125-  Happy Birthday from the two of us!

V124-  Even after all these years, I'm paws-itively crazy about you!

V123-  I love being with you!

V120-  Old friends make the Best Friends.

V119-  Face it. Your inner goddess is a Bitch.

V118-  I'm a smitten kitten.

V117-  Hot diggety dog! Happy Birthday!

V116-  A little birdie told me it's your Birthday.

V115-  Sorry I missed your Birthday but the dog ate my map.

V114-  Thanks a bunch for all your help!

V113-  Congratulations to a purr-fect couple.

V111-  Life's a crapshoot and we hit the Jackpot. Happy Anniversary!

V110-  Happy Birthday! Be careful what you fish for.

V108-  Happy Birthday! You haven't changed a bit.

V107-  Horse around. It's your Birthday!

V105-  It's your Birthday. Conduct yourself accordingly.

V104-  Life with you is doggone good.

V102-  May your birthday wishes come true.